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Create a CV online: our tips

You are actively looking for a job. You are talented, dynamic and highly motivated. The Internet can be a wonderful springboard for your career.

With a Website Builder, you can create an online resume in minutes.

How do you create a resume quickly, that is both serious and attractive? That really showcases you, and allows you to stand out?

Here are our best tips for creating a CV on the internet that will make recruiters want to call you in for an interview right away.

Your CV, of course, is crucial: the recruiter will go through it in a few short moments (he or she will spend between 6 and 40 seconds only!).

But it is on this piece of paper (or this web page in the case of a virtual CV) that your destiny will be decided!

Needless to say, your CV is very important and you must take care of it with incredible care.

It can be easy to create an online CV in a few clicks by yourself, there are many tools today to do this.

Nowadays, especially in the communication field, it is essential to have an attachment on the web. You can easily find a site to create your resume online for free.

We advise you not to send it to recruiters immediately after you have created it. Always wait for 1 or 2 days to review it. Usually when you are in the heat of the moment, you don’t see some of the details that you would have liked to change later. Ask friends and family for feedback.

Here are some other advantages to create your CV online:

This digital image is accessible to everyone, at any time: it is therefore essential to pay close attention to it. Because a good control of it can lead you to triumph, and conversely, losing control of it can cause you problems.

From this point of view, you must see your resume on the Internet as a real marketing tool. For example, as we have seen above, a recruiter interested in your application will be able to search for you, and will then come across :

On your Viadeo or LinkedIn accounts,

On your social network pages (Facebook, Instagram…),

Possibly on a personal blog,

Or on press articles reporting on past achievements.

If this recruiter also comes across your online CV, and it is attractive and allows him/her to obtain additional details about your professional background, it is clear that you will have scored points.

We could almost consider your digital CV as an “augmented application”.

Indeed, the whole point of writing an online CV is to allow you to apply for a job offer, as you would on paper. But in addition, you benefit from the advantages offered by digital technology, especially in terms of interactivity, for example.

Recruiters and headhunters will have the reflex to type your name in Google. In addition to your Viadeo or LinkedIn accounts, it is therefore useful for them to find you online, associated with a well-groomed and professional website, of which you have total control.

The web offers increased possibilities (documents, hyperlinks, images, videos…) that can allow you to make the difference on the job market. It would be a shame to miss out on this. Your online resume is therefore becoming a real added value today, and even almost an indispensable one.