The Simple Guide To Gold Dealers around Brisbane

The sale of gold has been rising in the last decades or so. There are a growing number of people looking to get cash by selling whatever gold they have for a variety of reasons. Gold commands a high market price which means that selling unwanted, old or broken gold can net someone a handsome profit. If you have unwanted gold lying around, selling it to gold dealers Brisbane might be the best solution for you.

How can you go about doing this?

Selling gold for cash for a fair price doesn’t have to be rocket science. Anyone can do it if you understand what is important to a dealer and whet they are willing to pay for weight and quality.


If you are selling gold jewellery you should know or be able to find the karat value of the piece inscribed in some discreet spot on the piece itself. If you can’t you can ask jewellery to checkout your gold jewellery and tell you what the karat value is.

You are most likely to get a good price from a gold dealer if you have high quality gold in abundance. For most gold dealers, the value of your gold is based on quality and weight not aesthetics.

Gold dealers Brisbane not only buy gold but they also sell their gold. They are experts at this and can be a repository of knowledge for anyone who is new to the market.  Because their primary business is to buy and sell gold, they can’t give you the best price.  Since they buy and sell gold on a daily basis, they have the experience and know how to structure their prices so that you get the best value for your gold and still earn a profit.

It pays to know and understand the precious metals market before you plunge into it. A seller who can demonstrate that they at least know the basics a of the gold market demonstrates to the gold dealer that they can’t just thumb-suck the price they offer and forces them to offer competitive prices. Besides the quality, gold dealers consider the following additional factors:

Quality, Weight and Market Price

Brisbane gold dealers will typically weigh your gold and check the quality. Where there is no visible marking, they have other sophisticated machines that they can use to determine the karat value of the gold you are selling. The next important step is to refer to the spot price of gold.  They will then offer you a price for your gold based on these three factors.

Market Value of Gold

The market value of gold is always fluctuating due to changes in government policies, supply and demand dynamics, and the economic climate which is why it is important to keep tabs on the daily spot price because it can change because of a number of reasons. Check the price for yourself before you approach a gold dealer.

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